Leasing Consultant Training: How To Become A Leading Consultant

A leasing consultant, also referred to as a leasing or property agent is an individual who operates on behalf of property management companies and landlords to collect rent and cater to tenants and renters needs and concerns. A leasing consultant also promotes vacant rental properties to prospective tenants and arranages open houses and tours. Their main responsibility is drafting lease agreements and processing tenant applications as well as answering any questions they may have in regards to a particular piece of property.

Academic Qualifications

Professional leasing consultants need sound knowledge in real estate and business matters. They may have a degree in property management but this is not a mandatory requirement. The typical training that a leasing consultant needs to undertake before embarking on the job includes subjects such as principles of real estate management, contracts, fair housing regulations, residential report writing, real estate market analysis and sales.


Experience is in most cases required when managing residential or commercial properties for other parties. No particular experience however is needed to begin working as a leasing consultant. Having a background in hospitality or sales may give you an added advantage when entering the property management and apartment leasing field.


If you have undergone the necessary training and have enough experience to become a leasing consultant, you can apply to get a leasing license. It is important to have a valid leasing license if you want to practice as a leasing consultant in most states and jurisdictions. To get this license, you’ll need to have the following minimum requirements:

– Payment of a specific license fee

– Completion of an approved leasing consultant training course or evaluation.

– Be a high-school graduate

– Be above the age of 18

Leasing Consultant Training Exam

In order to become a professional leasing consultant, you may be required to do a leasing license exam depending on your state or geographical jurisdiction. You can prepare for this exam by going through a short course that empowers with the relevant knowledge and skills to pass the exam and do the job. You may need to get some study materials and pay some fees in order to successfully take the exam. The exact requirements for the leasing consultant training exam may vary depending on which region you come up. Some of the things you can do to prepare for the exam include studying topics like financial management, real estate appraisal and real estate laws in your area.