• 3 Full days program covering variety of subjects on latest developments on Down syndrome
  • Simultaneously running Medical Symposium only for health professionals on first day
  • The congress embraces professionals, parents and people with DS. Target profile per session and/or age group will be noted in the program.
  • Sessions presented by leaders in the field
  • Parallel educational workshops, panels, oral and poster presentations
  • Specially coordinated social program with city trips and fun workshops for youngsters with DS
  • Gala dinner, city tours, extra curriculum activities
  • The language of the congress is English and Turkish. Translation will be available for all sessions.


These topics are general guidelines, the exact program will be announced in due course.
  1. Social Life as a Member of Family and Community
    This topic will cover age specific subjects from newborn to adulthood from the perspective of social life including but not limited to adaptation, family unit, marriage and social inclusion
  2. Being Part of the Healthcare System
    Top five healthcare problems (Neurology, Vision, Hearing, Cardiac, Endocrine) will be covered in depth. Special attention will be given to the issues of wellbeing and aging of people with DS.
  3. Where Inclusion Is a Tough Lesson: The Education System
    Whether it is inclusive or special, effective and result oriented education is the key. Here is where practical and scientific education models for all ages and stages with multidisciplinary approach will be discussed.
  4. Your Rights And Finding Your Way Through The Legal Maze
    Workshops and presentations aiming to enable parents and people w/DS to become a self-advocate and empowering them to take control of their lives. Additional sessions on government policies for special needs: Turkish laws & social security system for employment and healthcare will be given (only in Turkish)
  5. We Mean Business: Working Life
    Employment is the final frontier for people with DS in claiming their rightful place in the society. How it provides social and financial independence, the perspectives of employers and successful practices are few examples of the subjects of this session.
  6. Let's Communicate
    Speech is only a form of communication. Communication skills and different approaches on how to achieve the most effective system for a specific child/adult with DS will be the focus.
  7. Workshops for families, professionals and others
    Workshops provide in-depth information and opportunity to experiment. Which is why we added several workshops to the program. Come and learn more.